Going to buy something you need only once or use rarely?

Someone in your community may have what you need

Just ask. You can save money, and storage space!

Already know a community that you want to join? Join community

Why buy things you will use only once or rarely?

We buy things because we have a need - but mostly we need them at that moment, and we may not use them the afterwards, or use them very rarely. Why not avoid buying it, but see if someone in your community can lend it? You can save money, space for storing it, AND you may meet another person in your community! How about that?

We are already part of various communities

Why not reach out to them and see if someone has what you are looking for?
Think about it, we work at an office, live in a neighborhood, and are part of various communities - professional groups, special interest groups, sports teams, so on. But we do not really ping them, or have a way to ping them, when we are looking for something.

Our workplace

Where we work - whether an office, a co-working place, or other locations.

These are people we see and meet everyday or very regularly. Why not tap into them when you need something?

Residential neighborhood

Where we live - whether it is urban or sub-urban neighborhood, you could be very close to other people that may have what you need.

Why not tap into them when you need something?

Around the block

Particularly relevant to office buildings, how about reaching out to people not just in your office, but anyone in the same building, or may be people in other nearby buildings?


We are all part of various groups - having some kind of affinity. Examples: professional groups, special interest groups, sports teams, so on.

Why not check with them before you go ahead and buy something?

We just need a platform...

...to reach out to different communities when we are looking for something. That is what ObiShelf provides - a way to discover what your community members have, and if not found, just ask them.

In addition, it also provides an easy and intuitive way to schedule meetings, track who took what or what we took from others, and charging rent.


When you need something, just browse items that others already listed, or use search to narrow down.

Easily reach a particular neighborhood, or a partciular community.


Did not find what you are looking for? Don't worry, that is typical in a new community or neighborhood.

Just post an 'ask' - to particular neighborhoods, or communities.


When you found what you need and request to borrow, you both have to meet to exchange the item.

We provide an intuitive way to schedule time, including ability to chat with each other before scheduling.


Who took what, and what about rent? Taken care of!

We provide an easy way to get to that information, as well as charge rent according to the schedule identified by the owner.

Reduce, Reuse; Discover, Meet

Why not practice greener living, and avoid that temptation to buy, buy, buy? Those things that end up on our shelves, collecting dust, anyways!

As well, how about discovering other people in your community? People with similar interests. You know, that old school social network - meeting people in person?

Yes! I want to be part of this!

Great! You should be proud of being a part of communities that share, and discover and meet people with similar interest.

Examples of things you could lend, or borrow


Power drills, saws, toolkits, ladders, dollies, steam vacuums, dry/wet vacuums...


GoPro cameras, SLRs, video cameras, lenses, accessories (external DVD drive), projectors, game consoles...

Books / Movies / Games

You are going to read a book, or watch a movie, only once!

Sports / Camping gear

Camping gear, skiing gear, bicycles, other sports gear


Barbeque grills, party tables, chairs

Why not check with them before you go ahead and buy something?


Lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, wheel barrows....